Monster Love

by Roberto y Amigos

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released February 5, 2016

Robin Christensen-Marriott - lead vocals, bass, french horn, piano, acoustic guitars and double bass
Jonny Vickers - electric guitar and vocals

Tracks 1 and 5 guitar by Jez Cooke
Tracks 2, 3 and 5 drums by George Purnell
Track 1 drums by Otto Wolf
All words by Robin Christensen-Marriott
Artwork by Robin Christensen-Marriott
Produced and mastered by Robin Christensen-Marriott at The Shed Studios



all rights reserved


Roberto y Amigos Oxford, UK

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Track Name: Monster Love
Better to loose than forget your last love.
I had a shock when she fell at my door.
Once I was big time thinking I was in it for you.
Now I cry for less of what I loose.

Pushing a horse with socks on was shitty.
Filled with stops and kicks from something loose.
My dick was set on the off chance you'd see me
Instead of Dean that stupid clown.

Snooze on me,
I'll take you anyway,
Love or need
I'll take you anyway girl.
Love or need?

We are lost from a monster love.
Hear him come, you won't take me for a ride.
We are lost well never mind,
I'm with you and it's fine.

The jade of chill that finds me when up close leaning on you
Flashed lights and turns me wall to wall.
Thinking to feel for less warmth reminds me, arms made of hose,
Of wetting the bed in all your clothes.

Would you take me to California?
I need a flight to take me home.
Track Name: What's Your Favourite Colour?
What's your favourite colour?
I like black and making feedback.
I'll just sit here and paint and never look back.

What's your favourite colour?
I love blue and I can write songs too.
I'm a hell of a guy and appreciate good food.

Jonny what's your favourite colour?
I'm not sure. It's just a metaphor
for how our characters link and I need some more.

Well keep me satisfied, please mention me.
Despair and pain are on my right so pull me over.
Can't you see I yearn
Cos group dynamics are a bitch when you're bit.
I don't know if I can handle it.

What did you do last Saturday night?
I flew like a kite.
Oh I was high on speed and I didn't sleep all night.

What did you do last Sunday eve?
I stayed home to weave.
I make some very nice cloth. The girls think I'm buff (and the boys).

Jonny what did you do?
I wrote a song with you.
Oh yeah uh huh, that was pretty cool.
Track Name: More Brain Cells Dead
The fire's good oh I can tell.
Your cigarette fills my nose with that acrid smell.
I look back at last night and I smile,
Oh I'm not sober and it's been a while.

Well I'm feeling wavy and I'm starting to sway.
Oh I'm not phased cos they're feeling like me aren't they?
Yet again I've got tights on my head.
Open my third more brain cells dead.

It's these nights of ease that get me through the week.
I find my drunken teeth gnawing at your cheek.
In my head it was perfect
But now i"m not sure it was worth it.

Bop and bounce on the floor,
Is this dance? Oh I'm not sure.
The truth is I can't tell
Cos I'm drunk, I'm drunk as hell.

Four cans down me and my head is a mess.
Head is spinning words are slurring me out of respect.
You come over to comfort me so,
I mess it up and then you go.

It's these nights of ease that get me through the week.
In your living room I decided to take a leak.
In my head it was perfect
But now i"m not sure it was worth it.

I'm going down again...

It's these nights of ease that get me through the day.
It seemed a good idea to punch you in the face.
In my head it was perfect
But now i"m not sure it was worth it.
Track Name: I Used to Relax
I used to relax and float down stream,
Dabble with anything that came to me.
Sit all day flound at home,
Cradle my thoughts nowhere to go.

Where did you go?
I don't know.
Where did you go?
I don't know.
Time to dream time to grow.
Where did you go?
I don't know.

Then the stress, strain, the load, the mass
It fell on me like iron cast.
It sped me up and it squashed me thin.
I can't afford to read or let the fun begin.

Churning products from my mental crown
I had no love or time for down.
I hope I'll lie down in the grass some day
Doing nothing and not worry.
Track Name: You Know Very Well
How could you be so mean?
You make me feel like a machine.
Oh you're running me down,
You're running me off my feet.

And I can't describe
The laziness you hide inside.
Oh it bowls me over as to
How you've damn survived.

And people they run around
You like you're wearing a crown
It angers me so that I'll have to go

You, you know very well
You know very well
You know very well
I can tell.

But actually I know
You're not always mean to us though.
I shouldn't blacken my mind
To your part time shadow.

But you should be taught some sense
Like how to treat people best.
Oh don't just sit there and quarrel.
Be a bit more moral.
Track Name: Compare Me
I am looking in,
Inside to let me feel the rain
But I just see black,
Enough to make the numbness stay,
Calling me down,
Mooring me back.

You are all for me,
And always I'm in debt to you,
But inadequate,
And unfit for you if anyone,
My heart it feels,
Under your glow.

I got it away got it away,
My evil tongue.
Whispering all but nothing, questioning,
Am I good too you?

Putting me down is all we do.

But really when
I should trust
You don't pretend
That I'm enough.

But it wears me down,
To the sea,
To look at you
And compare me.

Yeah we owe you more
And you go and let us know,
Doing nothing wrong
And unable to make a foe,
Oblivious to
The evil you cause.

How can I scorn on you?
The one to happily assume,
When my moans come loose,
The drums of war do boom,
This is just the
Way I love.

Still I forgot to leave.
Escape my mind,
Make me blind,
Oh you're so kind to me.
Tender where I'm not.

Hooked up,
Hooked on,
Snared by,
Your lack of grief.
What have I become?
What have I become?